Queen of Southern Hospitality

Queen of Southern Hospitality.jpg

Toni is a high-ranking demon who has the world twirling around her ring finger. She has captured the heart of Lucifer – although she keeps him at arm’s length. She reigns over one of the most notorious clans in Louisville, Kentucky, and has everything a woman could want – respect, power, and loads of money.
But what happens when an accidental meeting with an unknown force rearranges her whole life?

It makes her want to do right instead of wrong, persuades her heart to beat to a different rhythm, and influences her to sway away from the entity that placed her on the throne she currently sits upon.

Toni will go from a demanding but controlled life to a life of chaos wrapped in jealous rages. She will be challenged by the one thing she has never had to deal with – her heart.

Discover how a powerful demon with so much command over Lucifer falls prey to an accidental meeting in this tale of loyalty and temptation.