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Three individuals are at the pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. And somehow, their lives will soon intertwine, but not all parties will get their happy ending.

Ashley’s world came crumbling down around her on July 17th. That was the day that she would face her husband for the last time. He had filed for divorce and had moved on to share his life with another woman.

Around that same time, Gethambe, a half breed human and wolf, found that he needed to prove himself to his pack and take an epic journey from death to life. During this journey, he must fight seven Archangels, one from each level of Heaven. He is not provided any information or weapons. Gethambe must use only his wits and survival instincts against his opponents.

As Ashley’s world is been shattered into a million pieces and Gethambe is fighting the battle of his life to become the next alpha male of his pack – Lana, a half breed human and wolf with healing abilities, is trying to prove her loyalty to become Gethambe’s wife. Although they are involved in an arranged marriage, and she was promised to him, if she doesn’t show her strength, she will be reincarnated and forced to repeat the cycle of rebirth and life.

With a strange turn of events, Gethambe cannot totally bond with Lana because her scent nauseates him. But when Ashley’s unusual aroma floats in to his den with the wind and envelops his being, Gethambe gathers his most trusted soldiers and hunts her down. Her scent awakens his deepest desires. Although he followed tradition and married Lana, he had a strong craving for Ashley.

How will Gethambe deal with his deep desire for a woman who knows nothing about his way of life or his skin-walking abilities? Will Gethambe sacrifice Lana, his home, and his way of life for a woman he is forbidden to have?