Sinful Halloween

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The Vault is the hottest spot in Incline Village. Louis’ club brings in the big bucks. Along with his wife, Adele, he's reaping the reward. Deep pockets are required for a spot on the exclusive guest list. The lucky few granted entrance must agree to let loose and explore the forbidden realm of romance.

Nothing is off limits. For the right price, those brave enough to place an order can be served with their lustful desires in a matter of minutes. Louis and Adele aim to please; even more so around the most forbidden holiday - Halloween.

With the nightclub thriving, they decide to throw five Halloween-themed parties. Each party offers a tsunami of delightful treats, guaranteed to bring out the goosebumps and soul-snatching screams. Only elite clientele get the luxury of experiencing the climax of a lifetime. After one night inside, Halloween will never be viewed the same again.

Find out what happens when fantasies are fulfilled and being ordinary is discouraged. Join Louis and Adele on their journey to push The Vault to a new level - a sinful one.