As You Wish

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Nathan Winthrop is the CEO of Brilliant Entertainment.  Although talented singers are constantly sending demos to his office, he prefers to find his talent the traditional way.  Nathan spends his evenings hanging out in bars, attending talent shows, and going to events held at the local colleges.


One night while having drinks with a couple of his executives, he hears the voice of an angel.  He hushes his friends and turns all his attention to the beautiful young lady on the stage.  Unbeknownst to him, she was singing, As You Wish, which was written by her husband, Terence.  Although Lexy has a powerful voice that can seduce her audience, Nathan soon realizes that Terence is the genius who writes her lyrics. Nathan immediately signs them both to his company and overnight, Lexy becomes America’s Sweetheart.

However, Lexy soon finds out that their success comes at a cost.  Terence spends a lot of time away from home and she is left to find other ways to occupy her time.  Nathan, who has fallen hard for his newest diva, catches her when she is at her most vulnerable.  Feeling neglected, she begins to indulge in the world of deceit and betrayal.  Nathan pulls her into his web of desire and teaches her how to please him, BDSM style.

When Terence decides to slow down and spend some time at home, he quickly finds out that his wife is not the same person he married.  With Nathan demanding more and Terence fighting to get his wife back, Lexy must make a choice.  Where does Lexy’s heart lie?