Sin of A HouseWife


The Hennessy Chronicles follows Louis’s story of how he is transformed from a sweet and loving husband into the most talked about and requested male escort at Hidden Pleasures – Hennessy. Aurora, the owner of Hidden Pleasures, shows him that size truly does matter in his profession and money can make one sell their soul to the devil.

Louis is pulled in by Aurora’s slick tongue and twisted meanings. She assures him that he would never have to worry about struggling again, if he uses what he possesses to make the money he wants. Knowing that what he is about to embark on may cost him his marriage to his wife Adele, he still dives in head first, believing that he is making the right decision. To Louis, this is a come up and he feels that this opportunity is the only way he can provide his wife with the finer things in life. It only takes him a few dates with his female clientele to fall hard and quick into a life of seduction and lust.

In the midst of him learning about how to finesse a woman and how to make them melt into his hands, he notices his wife is changing right before his eyes. Like him, her appetite for the darker realm of the pleasure principle has reached a new height. He learns quickly that his wife wants what his clients pay him for – a thrilling, sensual, exciting lover in the bedroom.

When Adele reveals her desires, Louis reluctantly gives in to her wants. As he pulls her into his world of passion and seduction, he realizes that he wants to be with her and her only. But there’s a problem; he still works for Hidden Pleasures and Aurora is trying hard to keep her top earning Casanova.

Will Louis be able to keep this provocative secret from Adele? 
And – will their marriage survive if his secret is revealed?