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Lana feels that her crown is threatened. The root to all her problems stem from Gethambe's love interest, Ashley. Trying desperately to savor her position as the true Queen of Achaemenid, she commits the ultimate sin and puts the lives of Ashley and her daughter in danger.

Feeling guilty about how things ended with Lana, Gethambe attempts to find her to right his wrongs. Not realizing that Ashley is missing, his focus becomes bonding them as sister wives. His hope is for everyone to live together in perfect harmony. Little does he know, he's already too late.

When Ashely awakens, she finds that she is no longer sharing a bed with her husband. It doesn't take long for her to realize that she is in a strange new place with her new daughter, Serenity. Over time, she finds comforts within her new prison, and sees her surroundings in a different light. The Land of Alexandria bonds with her soul and enlightens her being. She learns about herself in a way she hadn't known before.

While teaching Ashley about her past, Bullet finds out that she has been hiding a dark secret. Although they cannot become mated partners, he loves her enough to give her what she needs - Gethambe.

Ashley and Gethambe are reunited, but they are forced into another battle to protect Serenity. With the strong leadership of Gethambe, the loving heart of Ashley, and the wisdom of Bullet, Serenity's future is protected. Or is it?

Will Lana get what she deserves for her treacherous ways? How will Bullet cope with being second in Ashley's heart? What does the future hold for Serenity? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the highly anticipated sequel, Skinwalkers 2!