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In the beginning, there were three individuals that were at a pivotal point in their lives – Ashley, Gethambe, and Lana. As their lives became intertwined, it was impossible for all three of them to get their happy ending.

In the sequel, we found out that Lana felt like Ashley threatened her crown. She believed that all her problems stemmed from Gethambe’s love for Ashley – a human. She tried desperately to savor her position as the true Queen of Achaemenid, but she committed the ultimate sin by placing a hit on Ashley, Gethambe’s lover, and Serenity, her own daughter.

After Ashley is inadvertently thrown into Bullet’s arms, she is taught about her true heritage. As Alexandria feeds from her essence, she begins to realize that this is the life that she was meant to live. While learning about her past, and accepting the path she must follow, she finds out that Serenity’s life is in danger. Her very existence has started a battle between good and evil.

Now, in the finale, Serenity has grown into her power, and she starts to realize why she is in such demand. There are only three deities more powerful than herself – The Almighty, Lucifer, and Maahes.

She takes a journey to speak with the Almighty only to find out that she is going to lose the one man in her life that brings her joy. Serenity is told that she is destined to open Pandora’s box and release a force upon the earth to maintain the balance of power. If she refuses, her people will be demolished by The Mad King’s army and she will become enslaved to her biological mother, Lana – The Queen of the Damned.

Will Lana and The Mad King finally dominate the realms and strip Serenity of her power? Will Serenity open Pandora’s box and sacrifice the man she loves for her family and tradition?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the highly anticipated finale, Skinwalkers 3!